In order to attain the aims of the Cluster three concrete objectives have been identified:

1.   Adaptation tools and measures: Enhance the outcomes of the cluster projects on adaptation measures and assessment tools by capitalising on the extensive knowledge base available from the 100 project partners

2.   Policy recommendation and mainstreaming: Improve the impact of the projects’ outcomes for NWE and beyond by drawing key policy messages for EU, national and regional level on the basis of joint findings of the cluster projects and foster integration of adaptation into policies, programmes and planning

3. Communication and dissemination: Communicate the strategically relevant results and interim results of the cluster and the cluster projects with EU-policy makers, EU-research institutes, relevant national policy makers, other INTERREG programmes and strategic initiatives.

Referring to this the expected outputs relate to

Executive Summary of 'Findings and Conclusions from the Cluster projects' adaptation tools and measures', PDF, 4MB

'Findings and Conclusion from the Cluster projects' adaptation tools and measures' - complete PDF, 6.5MB

'Climate change cooperation projects at a glance' - the 14 projects which took part in the CEB meeting. (It is specially prepared to read in the full screen mode, printing might be quite tricky)