All of the cluster projects are charged with developing and implementing measures and actions to adapt to climate change in North West Europe. These measures will be collated into a SIC adapt! adaptation catalogue to provide an integrated guide for adaptations across all the complementarily environmental sectors.

By adopting this holistic approach the potential responses to a wide range of impacts of climate change in NWE can be identified.

This action involves:

  • Compiling the adaptation measures which are being developed and implemented by the cluster projects
  • Conducting an appraisal of the adaptation measures which are being tested by the cluster projects
  • Identifying the potential for combining different measures and types of measures, providing the links between different measures and the integrated approaches needed by the different spatial categories for successful adaptation
  • Assessing and improving the transferability of identified measures to different locations and actors throughout NWE based on the exchange and shared knowledge of the eight cluster projects with 100 project partners
  • Producing a catalogue of adaptation measures and a comprehensive set of examples of good practice

A first milestone was the delivery of the analysis of "Tools and Measures" (Action 1 and 2) which was discussed during the undefined1st Cluster Expert Board meeting, 20.-21.06.2011, Holzwickede / Dortmund, DE.

Executive Summary of 'Findings and Conclusions from the Cluster projects' adaptation tools and measures', PDF, 4MB

'Findings and Conclusion from the Cluster projects' adaptation tools and measures' - complete PDF, 6.5MB

'Climate change cooperation projects at a glance' - the 14 projects which took part in the CEB meeting. (It is specially prepared to read in the full screen mode, printing might be quite tricky)