Knowledge Platform


Knowledge Platform

The SIC adapt! Knowledge Platform provides a compilation of good practice climate adaptation tools and measures that are developed, tested and implemented by the Cluster projects. The tools and measures selected to date are categorised by purpose, spatial scope, technical outline, target group, applicability and further attributes. The compilation is supplemented by a list of the experts involved in the Cluster activities. The information can be found in a pragmatic and as much as possible user-friendly excel database:

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(Please use MS Excel with Macros enabled. Be aware that older MS Excel versions than MS Excel 2007 may not support all functions of the database)


The experts that took part in the first Cluster Expert Board meeting in June 2011 are also compiled in the 'Who-is-Who' which can be downloaded as separate PDF-file (2,4 MB).

Delegates of the second Cluster Expert Board meeting in June 2012 (0,8 MB)

Delegates of the Final Conference in January 2013 (0,9 MB)



The report 'Findings and Conclusions from the Cluster projects' adaptation tools and measures' can be downloaded following undefinedthis link.