Partnership networking


Partnership networking

The Cluster projects comprise about 100 project partners including representatives from:

  • local, regional, national level of government
  • all sectors/departments relevant for adaptation to spatial impacts of climate change: environment sector (water, nature, forest, agriculture), urban and regional development and planning, social and economic,
  • research and communication institutes/organisations
  • located in all NWE Member States.

In order to share expertise and contrast experiences on the use of the tools and measures of the different projects their partners will get the opportunity for

  • individual cross-project exchange between partners from the different projects, e.g. within working group meetings and
  • multilateral exchanges within the range of (currently) five topics of general interest:
    • vulnerability assessment - already realized
    • climate proofing - already realized
    • heat and bio-climatic stress in urban areas - already realized
    • impacts of flash floods and possible counteractive measures - already realized
    • multifunctional land-use - 10-12 Dec. 2012, London, see Cluster Events.