The Cluster Expert Board


The Cluster Expert Board

How does the Cluster Expert Board (CEB) work?


The CEB meets once a year to share views and expertise and to discuss the interim results of the Cluster. The CEB therefore provides a further mechanism of knowledge exchange and allows for expert judgement of the Cluster’s outputs.


In the Concept Paper you may find all the relevant info about it.

Who is involved as expert?


The CEB shall include representatives from national, regional or local bodies, as well as NGOs, associations or any other organisation dealing especially with the effects of climate change. The CEB shall also include policy makers and representatives from universities, research institutes or any other scientific organisation working on the issues of climate adaptation with a spatial perspective.


How is the CEB organised?

The first meeting of the CEB was organised in parallel running thematic action field (AF) sessions ( = Working Groups) and a plenary session at the end.

The four action fields are:

AF 1 Built environment
AF 2 Water environment
AF 3 Natural environment
AF 4 Social environment

1st Cluster Expert Board, June 2011

2nd Cluster Expert Board, June 2012

Final Conference (CEB3), January 2013