In addition to the transnational cooperation inherent within each project the Cluster will:

  • strengthen the impact of each project, especially at higher policy levels
  • foster implementation of adaptation measures by widely tested and known good practice examples throughout NWE and beyond for regions with similar impacts
  • encourage policy recommendations for a stimulating policy framework especially for the NWE regions
  • ensure that the outputs from the projects illustrate how existing management instruments can be tailored to facilitate adaptation across a range of sectors and locations
  • enhance projects’ results avoid duplication beyond national boundaries
  • increase promotion of the adoption of adaptation measures.

The Cluster is organised in four work packages:

WP 1: Adaption tools and measures (Actions 1 - 3)

WP 2: Policy recommendations and mainstreaming ( Actions 4 - 5)

WP 3: Communication and Dissemination (Actions 6 - 9)

WP 4: Cluster Coordination (Actions 10 - 11)